DIY incentives: Insulation and air sealing

If you prefer a hands-on approach to home improvement, check out our DIY incentives. We offer $200 cash back for self-installed attic insulation and air sealing. Qualified projects improve year-round comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, and help prevent common issues like condensation and ice dams.

Before committing to a DIY project, please review the eligibility infographic below. While some solutions are simple enough to do yourself, others may require a professional Trade Ally contractor.

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DIY Flow Chart

If DIY isn't right for you, you may still be eligible for incentives when you work with a Trade Ally contractor. See the Available Options

Steps to participate

  1. Confirm  your home is a good fit for DIY insulation and air sealing (see infographic [PDF]). Consult with a Trade Ally contractor if needed.

  2. Download the Installation Guide [PDF]

  3. Buy your supplies and take pre-project pictures.

  4. Complete your project.

  5. Take post-project photos.

  6. Submit the DIY Incentives Online Application with photos and receipts.

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Get cash back for qualified improvements

  • $200 incentive for DIY attic insulation and air sealing
  • You must complete both insulation and air sealing projects together to be eligible
  • Please follow all requirements in the Installation Guide [PDF]

Educational Material

Terms and Conditions

DIY Insulation Installations are only eligible to participate in the program if:

  • Air sealing improvements are installed according to Focus on Energy’s DIY Guide to Insulation and Air Sealing [PDF]
  • Insulation improvements are installed according to Focus on Energy’s DIY Guide to Insulation and Air Sealing [PDF]
  • At least 600 sq. ft. of attic area must be improved
  • Existing Condition: Open attic with an insulation no higher than the attic joist
  • Improved Condition: Insulation level of R42 or greater
  • Incentives are only available for insulation improvements for living spaces of a home. Insulation of garage (attached or detached), outbuilding, mechanical room, etc. are not eligible
  • Incentives are only available for one-, two- or three-unit buildings
  • New construction or new additions are not eligible

General Program Requirements

  • Must be a customer of a participating utility. FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentives are available to Wisconsin residential customers of participating utilities.
  • At least 51% of the home’s heating must come from a participating utility (electric or natural gas). Homes heated with wood, oil, LP, etc. are not eligible for an incentive.
  • Offer is valid for improvements installed between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.
  • Incentives may not exceed the total purchase price of the improvement.
  • The building is not eligible for incentives if the building has received an incentive from Focus on Energy for insulation or air sealing work in the last 3 years (1095 days).
  • The only costs eligible for incentives are materials and external labor.
  • Allow approximately 8-10 weeks for your completed application to be processed. Incomplete applications cannot be processed. Failure to complete the application in full and provide the required supporting documentation will either delay the payment process or result in your application being denied. Receipt of an application does not guarantee payment of an incentive.
  • The program is not responsible for items (i.e. applications, supporting documentation, incentive checks) lost or damaged in the mail.
  • Focus on Energy will only pay one incentive for each type of improvement. Incentives paid on this application cannot be claimed on another Focus on Energy application. Similarly, incentives can only be paid to one person or entity (i.e., either the resident or landlord, not both).
  • All installations are subject to verification inspection by the program for proper installation.
  • Participants must allow, if requested, the program or a program representative reasonable access to their home to verify the installed installation.
  • You are only eligible to participate in the program if you are:
    • A current residential customer of a participating utility in Wisconsin at the time of improvement or a landlord who paid for the improvement in the residence of a current residential customer of a participating utility in Wisconsin at the time of improvement; and
    • Installing qualifying energy efficient improvements in an existing residential dwelling. New construction does not qualify.
    • Improving the air sealing and insulation of an existing site. Insulation and air sealing work in a newly built addition is not eligible for incentives.
  • Insulation and air sealing equipment must be purchased new. Resale material or material that is leased, rebuilt, rented, received from insurance claims, received from a manufacturer warranty, purchase through Focus on Energy or won as a prize does not qualify. 
  • Installation is conforming to all applicable building, local, state and federal codes, standards, ordinances and regulations, and manufacturer specifications.
  • Installation is completed prior to submittal of this application at the address listed on the application.
  • It is installed in a property owned by the applicant, or the applicant has received permission from the property owner to install the equipment. If you do not own the property where this equipment is installed, as a residing tenant you are responsible for obtaining the owner’s permission to install the equipment for which you are applying for an incentive. Submission of this application indicates that you have obtained this permission.

To be considered complete and eligible for incentives, all applications must:

  • Be postmarked no later than 60 days after the installation date; and
  • Be signed by the purchaser (utility account holder, landlord, or applicant signing on behalf of the utility account holder) 
  • Include itemized purchase receipt(s) containing: 
    • Highlighted materials purchased related to the improvement and unrelated materials purchased crossed out
    • Total installed cost
    • Purchase date or installation date clearly legible 
  • Include the pictures noted below of the project:
    • Sketch or drawing of your attic layout 
    • Two “before” pictures of the attic (one in each direction). This is so we can tell how much insulation was existing before your work.
    • One picture of each of the following if present in your attic:
      • Wire or pipe penetration sealing 
      • Attic top plate sealing (where the wall meets the ceiling) 
      • Weatherstripping on attic hatch, stairwell door or scuttle 
      • Insulation on attic hatch, stairwell door or scuttle 
      • Chimney sealing (if applicable) 
      • Recessed lights sealing (if applicable) 
      • Two “after pictures” of the attic (one in each direction) 
    • Final picture: Closer view of insulation depth marker (blown insulation) or tape measure (batts) showing total depth of insulation now present