New Construction

Design new facilities for energy efficiency—and lower operational costs.

Focus on Energy offers design professionals, builders, developers and owners technical and financial support at every stage of the design and construction process. The financial incentives provided help reduce up-front costs of energy efficiency measures exceeding Wisconsin energy code requirements. Whether you are planning a new office building, renovating a school or constructing a new home, Focus on Energy provides opportunities to save.

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Focus on Energy works with trade allies—architects, engineers and other design and construction professionals—to maximize energy efficiency opportunities at the optimal time. Learn more about how we support energy efficiency decision-making.

New Construction Trade Ally Awards

Focus on Energy recognized professional design and construction firms for incorporating energy efficiency into their new building designs. The winners are all partnering Trade Allies of Focus on Energy. Trade Allies are valuable design professionals, contractors and service providers who partner with the Program to deliver energy-saving products and expertise directly to Wisconsin residents and businesses. Each of this year’s award recipients are firms that completed new construction projects with Focus on Energy between July 2020 and June 2021.

Press Release: Focus on Energy Announces 2021 New Construction Trade Ally Award Winners


Energy Design Assistance

Energy Design Assistance (EDA) provides a free customized, whole-building analysis of energy-saving options, during design, for buildings over 5,000 square feet. The specific measures and combinations to consider will be customized for each project, in consultation with the project team. Design teams are eligible for incentives, and building owners are eligible for whole-building incentives that can help reduce the upfront cost of energy-efficient measures that exceed Wisconsin energy code requirements.

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Energy Design Review

Energy Design Review (EDR) utilizes a simplified version of the EDA process for projects too far along in design to fully benefit from EDA. EDR also utilizes whole-building energy simulation analysis to investigate and capture savings associated with energy efficiency improvements included in the final design.

Multifamily New Construction Offerings

Focus on Energy supports multifamily new construction projects to help Wisconsin building owners save millions in annual energy costs. If you're considering or in the process of building a new multifamily property, we can assist in maximizing your energy savings opportunities at each step.

For projects early in design, timing is optimal for Energy Design Assistance. Learn how EDA supports multifamily property development [PDF] through whole-building design analysis.

Like Energy Design Review, Multifamily New Construction offerings also include a simplified version of Energy Design Assistance to support projects too far along in the design phase to benefit from EDA. Product and Equipment Performance (PEP) evaluates your building holistically by rating energy systems as good/better/best. Receive an incentive per square foot based on the measures you choose. Visit our Multifamily Product and Equipment Performance page for more details.

Product and Equipment Incentives

Are you past design, well into construction with limited ability to change or add measures, and/or nearing project completion? Product/Equipment incentives are available for projects still benefiting from energy-efficient new construction choices. See which equipment incentives are right for you in our equipment incentive catalogs.

Light Power Density - Overview (Part I)

Light Power Density - COMcheck (Part II)

Light Power Density - Individual Files (Part III)

New Homes

New Homes incentives are available for new homes including single-family residential or multifamily buildings with three units or less. Focus on Energy connects prospective home buyers with builders and energy experts to construct new homes that are between 25% and 100% more efficient than homes built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code.

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Use our online application as early in the design process as possible to submit your contact and project information. A Focus representative will contact you within two business days to discuss your project and confirm which opportunity is best for you. After that we'll communicate the next steps to complete your project and maximize your energy savings and financial incentives.

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