2021 Evaluation Report

2021 Evaluation Report

This report provides a high level overview of evaluation findings at the Focus on Energy portfolio level for calendar year 2021.

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Increased in-state spending on local goods and services


$4.14 in benefits for every $1.00 invested


1,000+ full-time equivalent jobs per year


2022 Evaluation Reports

Savings Calculations

2022 Wisconsin Focus on Energy Technical Reference Manual [PDF]

The information contained in this document summarizes the consensus calculations of the electric and natural gas energy savings, and the electric demand reductions, achieved from energy efficiency and renewable energy offerings that are supported by Focus on Energy solutions.


2021 Reports

Annual Reports

2021 Evaluation Report - Volume I [PDF]
Provides a high level overview of evaluation findings at the Focus on Energy portfolio level for calendar year 2021. Volume I of the evaluation report summarizes findings across all solutions and offering categories in the portfolio.

2021 Evaluation Report- Volume II [PDF]
Volume II provides detailed evaluation results for each solution evaluated in 2021.

2021 Evaluation Report- Volume III [PDF]
Provides more details on program achievements and evaluation methodologies.


Economic Impacts

2019-2020 Economic Impacts Report [PDF]

This report describes the net statewide economic development impacts of Focus on Energy’s 2019-2020 energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. Cadmus modeled changes in regional spending patterns caused by Focus on Energy using the Energy, Environment, Economy (E3+) model from Regional Economics Models, Inc. (REMI). The model simulates the annual and long-term effects of different spending choices and emissions reductions on multiple components of the state economy.


Potential Study

2021 Potential Study Information  

This site contains documents related to the 2021 Energy Efficiency Potential Study. These documents are provided in conjunction with a stakeholder engagement process and are posted as discussed with the stakeholder group.


Research Reports


Carbon Pricing Research [PDF]
This report presents an assessment of alternative carbon valuation approaches and their potential impacts to the valuation of emissions in the Focus on Energy portfolio.


Peak Period Research [PDF]
This report provides an analysis of Wisconsin’s peak electricity demand period and presents findings intended to inform a revision to the Focus on Energy peak period definition.

Greening Grid Research [PDF]
This study evaluates the potential impacts of a “greening grid” on Focus on Energy’s approach for valuing emissions reduction benefits from energy efficiency savings.


Residential New Construction Market Effects [PDF]
This document highlights ongoing efforts performed by the Focus evaluator to quantify the impacts of the Focus on Energy Residential New Construction Solution on the Wisconsin new home market.


Archived Reports


Success Stories

Bill's Distributing
Business & Industrial
Distributor Sees Early Impact of Investment in Energy
Ter-Rae Farms
Farm Sows Energy Efficiency and Reaps Early Benefits
Hahn's Ace
Small Business Incentives
Upgrades Improve Lighting, Power Bills for Family-Owned 
Residential New Construction
Residential New Construction
Couple Makes Smart Energy Use a Priority when Building 
Door Creek Church
Wisconsin Church Saves Money, Keeps Staff Comfortable with New Boilers
UW Stout North Hall
Large Energy
UW-Stout Sees Thousands in Energy Savings from Renovated North Hall 


Goals and Achievements

Fuel Savings


Cumulative Energy Savings Purchased LED Household


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