Trade Ally Spotlight: Appleton Solar

Appleton Solar Logo

​Ingrid and Patrick Nahm have spent over 12 years demonstrating to Wisconsin families that solar energy is a viable option for offsetting daily electrical demand through simplified processes and exceptional customer service. 

In 2008, the Nahm’s began Appleton Solar with two grants. One through FOCUS ON ENERGY® to assist with marketing, the other through a local tech college that offered a semester course on creating a business plan. They used their relationship with Focus on Energy and their new knowledge to install their first solar electric system on their own home, which has led to a continued tradition of designing every system for each customer’s unique project needs.

The Nahm’s average around 25 projects per year and have completed 134 PV incentive applications since 2014. In the past year, Appleton Solar has provided over $68,000 in incentives to their customers, while installing nearly 600 kW of new solar capacity.

Focus on Energy is excited to continue its partnership with Appleton Solar to provide valuable services to Wisconsinites and promote smart energy decisions throughout the state.

Appleton Solar Install Team