Retrocommissioning Service Providers (RSP) must attend the 2022 Retrocommissioning training in order to remain registered.

Existing Trade Allies who wish to enroll as an RSP may contact to schedule the RSP training. New Trade Allies must first apply by completing the *Trade Ally Application* and will be contacted by Focus on Energy to schedule the training. 

Save 16 percent on energy bills* and get a payback within one year.

Retrocommissioning (RCx) is the process of improving the performance and energy efficiency of building systems, equipment, and operations as a whole. The Focus on Energy RCx offering identifies lower cost measures involving adjustments, recalibrations, and process changes to provide quick energy savings paybacks. Through RCx, you can manage energy use more effectively, improve indoor air quality and building occupant comfort, and discover maintenance needs before they become costly repairs. 

Incentive Structure

Customers that complete the audit and reduce EUI will receive a minimum base incentive of $0.10 per square foot. Additional incentives up to $0.10 per square foot are available for achieving higher than a 5% reduction in Energy Use Intensity. Review the RCx Enrollment Application for specific incentive details.

Incentive Range Potential

How do I get started?

1 Choose and find an approved RCx Service Provider (RSP) Trade Ally
2 Work with your RSP to complete the Retrocommissioning Enrollment Application [PDF] (pg. 3-4)
3 Complete the RCx audit within six months of approved enrollment.
4 RSP submits the estimated savings workbook, audit report and audit invoice to Focus on Energy. See page 4 for submittal information.
5 Focus on Energy reviews and approves the workbook and issues an Incentive Agreement to the customer.
6 Chosen RCx measures are implemented within six months of audit approval.
7 RSP resubmits the workbook with savings verification and implementation invoice and invoices from third-party contractors.
8 Focus on Energy reviews and approves the final workbook and issues a Project Completion Notice to the customer. Incentive will be sent upon receiving signed project completion notice from the customer.

Do you know your Energy Use Intensity (EUI)?

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® expresses EUI as energy per square foot per year. Calculate EUI by dividing the total energy consumed by the building in one year (measured in kBtu) by the facility's gross square footage.

Below is a table of Median site EUIs for common property types. A full list can be found at

Market Sector Property Type Median Site EUI (kBtu/ft2)
Education College/University 84.3
Education K-12 School 48.5
Food sales and service Supermarket/Grocery Store 196
Healthcare Hospital (general medical and surgical) 234.3
Office Office 52.9
Warehouse/Storage Distribution Center 22.7


*Parrish, Granderson, Mercado, Mathew 2013. “Improving Energy Efficiency through Commissioning: Getting Started with Commissioning, Monitoring, and Maintaining Performance” Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Additional Information

RCx Incentive Timeline